Single Sessions

Strategy Session

Not sure where to start? In a 60-min Strategy Session we’ll identify the top two areas of priority for your health and the options to get you moving forward. You’ll leave having a clear idea of the best next steps to take to level up in your health journey.

Comprehensive Lifestyle Assessment

Are your adrenals stressed? Or digestion compromised? Perhaps your sleep needs help? The Lifestyle Assessment is a deep dive into your symptoms & state of your body systems in order to identify where imbalances may be blocking your progress. In this 90-minute coaching session we’ll identify key areas of stress, dysfunction and dis-ease, and design a path toward healing with actionable nutrition & lifestyle tips.

Coaching Packages

As a coach my goal is to help you reach your highest potential. And as someone who hit rock bottom and had to work through solutions on my own, I’m committed to helping you accelerate your process of healing and optimizing your health in the quickest and most effective ways possible. Can you imagine feeling 100%? If so, I can help you get there.

*Add-on any Lab Testing to a Coaching Package to save 20% on the test cost.

3-Session Program

Includes a Comprehensive Lifestyle Assessment, Hair Trace Mineral Analysis Test and three coaching sessions, designed to support you in your goals through nutrition, supplements and lifestyle practices. Programs are typically ~3 months long & include unlimited support between sessions via mobile app.

+ Add Genetics and save $100

+ Add Metabolic Test and save $50

6-Session Program

Includes everything from the 3-Session Program, plus Metabolic Type Test, diet fine-tuning, detox protocols, lifestyle/mindset/stress tips, bonus sleep optimization program ($49 value) and six sessions total. Programs are typically ~5-6 months long & include unlimited support between sessions via mobile app.

+ Add Genetics and save $100

Genetic & Lab Testing

Genetic Test & Interpretation

What if you could understand exactly what your body needs, and how to optimize your lifestyle to achieve the best results? Genetics & epigenetics (how our genes are expressed) are the ultimate keys to working in harmony with your body. Learn how you can tap into the personal and precise power of your DNA so you can truly optimize your health and life! Includes an Apeiron Genetic Test Kit, analysis of 500+ genetic variants, a 55-page report on your genetics and Nutrition, Supplementation and Sleep, and one 60-min epigenetic coaching session to learn how to interpret and implement your results.

*Combine with any Coaching Package to save 20% on test cost.

Hair Trace Mineral Analysis

Hair Trace Mineral Analysis evaluates digestion & assimilation of nutrients, overall thyroid & adrenal function, internal stress response & blood sugar regulation, and heavy metal toxicity. Learn how to bring yourself back into balance with custom nutrition recommendations & supplement protocol. Includes test kit, report & interpretation, and one 60-min coaching session.

Metabolic Type Test

The Metabolic Type test identifies your ideal nutrition & supplements for your unique body. Eating for your Metabolic Type can normalize appetite, increase focus & concentration, balance emotions & improve moods, and increase energy & athletic performance. Includes test, report & interpretation, and one 60-min coaching session.

Blood Work & Additional Testing

Comprehensive blood work is also available, as well as additional functional testing for specific areas of health, including gut health, hormones, heavy metals and more. Inquire for details.